Cornell Veterinary Biobank

Be Involved

What do we need from you?

Currently, we only accept purebred animals, because they offer the best prospect for gene identification. If you have a purebred animal, we need to obtain someStaff information to verify the animal's breed (such as AKC number for dogs). If you don't have this with you, we ask that you call back after your appointment to give us that information. We also ask you to sign the consent form for blood sampling during your appointment.

What do we need from your pet?

If you give us permission, we will collect a small sample of blood from which we will isolate DNA for our bank. This collection will be done under the supervision of our expert animal health technicians.

May my pet contribute to the Bank more than once?


What are the costs involved?

There is NO COST for the client. The DNA bank will pay for all the expenses related to sampling and archiving.

What do I get in return?

The reward for becoming a volunteer is knowing your animal may help us investigate new diseases and explore novel diagnostics and therapeutics for current and future diseases. That will result in improved disease prevention and animal health.

How can I financially support the DNA Bank?

You can make an online donation to the College of Veterinary Medicine to support the DNA bank (scroll down to CVM DNA bank under gift designation).