DNA & Tissue Bank

Hedgehog DNA Banking


This research is a collaborative effort between the Hedgehog Welfare Society and Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Exotics Service and Medical Genetics program.

With owner permission, our team is conducting health screenings and collecting DNA on hedgehogs brought to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. The screenings are used to identify affected and control animals for a study investigating Wobbly Syndrome. Through the study, researchers will be better able to characterize the clinical expression of Wobbly Syndrome, provide benchmark information for complete blood counts, and highlight other diseases (like cancers and cataracts) for future genetic mapping.

For more information on your hedgehog eligibility for this study, please email us. If you'ld like to support this project, and help us fund more health screenings, please click here and choose CVM DNA Bank in the area for designations.