Advancing the health and well-being of animals and people

Awards, July 2010 through June 2011



June 2011

Bowser, Paul
Management of Risk from VHSV in Bait Minnows

Schimenti, John
Genome Maintenance in Germline Stem Cells

Weiss, Robert
Investigating How DNA Damage Response Mechanisms Regulate the Tumorigenic Potential of Pluripotent Cell Types Using Mouse Models of Testicular Germ Cell Tumors

Whittaker, Gary
Host and Viral Determinants of FIP Pathogenesis: Toward a Diagnostic Tool for Shelter Cat Management


May 2011

Gleed, Robin
Large Animal Model of Hydrocephalus


April 2011

Cheetham, Jonathan
Early Diagnosis of Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy

Fortier, Lisa
Generation of Equine iPS Cells for Regenerative Therapy

Smith, Rebecca (Grohn, Yrjo)
Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Mycobacterial Disease Control

Ortved, Kyla (Nixon, Alan)
Combinatorial Gene Therapy in Equine Chondrocytes

Rivard, Germain (Lin, David)
Alleviating Human Induced Fear Response in Mice

Russell, David
Development of a Cell-based HTS for Inhibitors of Inflammatory Macrophages

Springer, Nora (Stokol, Tracy)
Procoagulant Activity in Horses: Measurement of Platelet-derived Microparticles and Endogenous Thrombin Potential

Whittaker, Gary
Evolution of Feline Infectious Peritonitis Virus within FIP Cats and Tissue-specific Adaptation of the Virus to Activating Proteases


March 2011

Altier, Craig; Martin, Gregory
Pathogen and Host Mechanisms Involved in Salmonella Infection of Tomato

Wakshlag, Joseph
Influence of Diet on Olfaction Capabilities in Detection Dogs


February 2011

Chang, Yung-Fu
Vaccine Trial Against Johne’s Disease in a Mouse Model

Clark, Mitzi (Miller, William; Scott, Danny)
Normal Digital flora from Healthy Alpaca

Wagner, Bettina
Development of High Priority Immune Reagents for Food Security

Wakshlag, Joseph
The Effects of Baicalein on Canine Osteosarcoma


January 2011

Fortier, Lisa
Multicenter Cartilage Repair Preclinical Trial in Horses: ARRA Funds

Simpson, Kenneth
Functional Analysis of Crohn’s Associated Adherent and Invasive E. coli

Sutter, Nathan
Identifying Genome Wide Sine Retrotransposons Contributing to Dog Size Variation

2011 Clinical Research Grants Program Awards

Ricardo de Matos
Clinical Trainee: Brendan Noonan, Resident in Avian Medicine and Surgery
Co-Investigators:  James Morrisey; Curtis Dewey; Dawne Boothe (Auburn University)
Pharmacokinetics of the Anti-epilepsy Drug Zonisamide in Domestic Chickens

Susan Fubini
Clinical Trainee:  Alanna Zantingh, Resident in Large Animal Medicine
Regional Limb Perfusion of Amikacin Alone and in Combination with Ticarcillin

George Kollias
Clinical Trainee:  Marisa Bezjian, Resident in Wildlife and Zoological Medicine
Co-Principal Investigators: Noha Abou-Madi; Katherine Beltaire
Investigating the Reproductive Biology of the Endangered Markhor Goat

Tracy Stokol
Clinical Trainee: Erica Gruber, Resident in Clinical Pathology
Collaborator:  James Catalfamo
Procoagulant Properties of Canine Hemangiosarcoma


December 2010

Center, Sharon
Investigation of the Role of Bacterial Cell Wall components, cytokine Signaling, and Myofibroblastic Fibrosis in Feline Nonsuppurative Cholangitis-Cholangiohepatitis Syndrome (CCHS) as an Aid to Improving Diagnostic Categorization and Treatment Modalities

Gilmour, Robert
Histology for Lifetime Bio-Electronic Interfaces: Active Probes, Imaging, and Quantification

Schukken, Ynte
Identification of Genes Involved in Virulence of Escerichia coli Mastitis by Signature Tagged Mutagenesis

Wakshlag, Joseph
Investigation into the Relationship Between Zoometric Morphometry/Body Condition Score, Markers of Insulin Sensitivity and Serum Omega Three Fatty Acid Concentrations

Zhang, Xuesen (Mentor:  Coonrod, Scott)
Role for PAD14 as an Estrogen-Regulated Transcription Cofactor during Breast Cancer


November 2010

Parrish, Colin
Structural Controls of Functional Receptor and Antibody Binding to Viral Capsids


October 2010

Bynoe, Margaret
Modulation of Endothelial Cell Permeability by Adenosine

Southard, Laurel; Nikitin, Alexander; Schimenti, John
Cornell Undergraduate Stem Cell Science Program (CUSSP)

Yazwinski, Molly; Wakshlag, Joseph
Associations Beetween Kilocalorie Intake and Lean Body Mass in Relationship to Serum Biomarkers of Skeletal Muscle Metabolism


September 2010

Cerda-Gonzalez, Sofia; Todhunter, Rory; Meyers-Wallen, Vicki; Lauren Talarico
Canine Model of Centronuclear Myopathy for Gene and Stem Cell Therapy

Cerione, Richard
Characterization of Growth Factor-Coupled Signaling

Chang, Yung-Fu
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of C. Difficile Strains

Felippe, M. Julia B.; Ledbetter, Eric; Kim, Kay
Vaccination to Prevent Recurrent Canine Herpesvirus-1 Disease and Viral Shedding in Mature Dogs

Felippe, M. Julia B.
Epigenetics: A Novel Approach in Primary Immunodeficiencies

Fenton, Flavio; Cherry, Elizabeth
Collaborative Research: CDI-TYPE II: Dynamics and Control of Cardiac Tissue

Marquis, Hélène; Mauer, Kirk; Blank, Bryant
Modulation of Innate Immunity by a Bacterial Phospholipase

Schimenti, John
Research and Career Training in Vertebrate Developmental Genomics

Warnick, Lorin
Minimizing Antimicrobial Resistance Transmission: The Dairy Farm as the Model System

Weiss, Robert; McEntee, Margaret
Comparative Cancer Biology Training Program


August 2010

Brosnahan, Margaret (Antczak, Douglas)
Immune Tolerance to Serial Trophoblast Transplants

Getchell, Rod
Viral Hemorraghic Septicemia Disease Virus Real Time RT-PCR

Holloway, Joanna (Cohen, Paula)
Functional Analysis of the Dual Specificity Kinase NEK1 in Mammalian Meiosis

Katt, William (Cerione, Richard)
Glutaminase Inhibition as a Method of Breast Cancer Control

McGregor, Douglas
Graduate Training Program in Comparative Medicine


July 2010

Korich, Jodi
Foreign Animal Disease Diagnosticians Field Manual

Meyers-Wallen, Vicki
Canine XX Sex Reversal: The Molecular Basis and Its Effect on Key Gene Expression During Sex Determination

Oswald, Robert
Dynamic Properties of a Glutamate Binding Domain

Simpson, Kenneth
Development of a Novel Amikactin Delivery Method for Treatment of E. coli Associated with Granulomatous Colitis of Boxer Dogs