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Principal Investigator:  Paolo Moroni
Co-Principal Investigator:  Gary Bennett
Co-Principal Investigator:  Francis Welcome

Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Science-Quality Milk Production Service
Contact Information: Email: - Phone: 607-255-1106
Sponsor: USDA – Federal Formula Funds - Hatch Act-MultiState
Grant Number: NYC-478822/NE-1028
Title: Mastitis Resistance to Enhance Dairy Food Safety
Annual Direct Cost: $30,000
Project Period: 10/01/2011-09/30/2012

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Klebsiella clinical mastitis is a costly disease of dairy cattle in the US, affecting milk quality and quantity, culling, farming efficiency, and sustainability. Persistent, recurrent clinical Klebsiella mastitis is an emerging issue, particularly observed in NY, and is not responding to most intramammary antibiotic treatments. Our project will profile virulence and antibiotic resistance features unique to these persistent Klebsiella isolates. We will develop diagnostics to identify strains likely to be persistent, that are virulent, and resist antimicrobial therapy. This information will contribute to targeted treatment and preventative strategies for the farms being affected by Klebsiella mastitis. The study also addresses food safety by investigating causes of antimicrobial resistance, which will ultimately lead to a safer US food supply. The development of antibiotic resistance in animals poses a systemic threat to human health due to potential foodborne or zoonotic transmission. We address the following Cornell University Applied Research and Extension priorities: 1) improving the quality of food; 2) providing information that will assist producers in optimizing their mastitis and milk quality management and 3) improving profitability and sustainability of dairy farms. The proposed study is important for NY dairy producers and in line with established priorities of the state and federal stakeholders.