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Fellow: Chelsea Anderson
Mentor: Robin Radcliffe
Co-Mentor: M. Julia B. Felippe

Department of Clinical Sciences
Email: rwr32@cornell.edu; Phone:607-253-4314
Sponsor: American Humane Association
Grant Number: N/A
Title: The Impact of Hemorrhagic Septicemia of Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) on Endangered Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus)
Annual Direct Cost: $4,000
Project Period: 06/01/2012-08/31/2012

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant):  The Javan rhinoceros is the most critically endangered of the five rhinoceros species, with 27-44 individuals remaining in the world.  The sole surviving population resides only in Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia.  The Indonesia government, working with partners including the World Wildlife Fund, believe the best chance for survival of this species is the protection of the remaining Javan rhinos from poaching and establishing a second population through translocation.  Disease surveillance in livestock populations surrounding the park is essential before pursuing plans for a second population.  I propose to accompany Dr. Jurnia Khairani, a local Indonesian veterinarian, during the summer of 2012, to perform surveillance for anthrax in the local water buffalo and cattle populations that share the rhinos' environment.  This project will determine the prevalence and risk factors for anthrax in livestock as a critical first step in safeguarding the population of the Javan rhinoceros and avoiding unnecessary deaths.