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Principal Investigator:  James Casey

Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Contact Information: Email:; phone: 607-253-3579
Sponsor: NIH-Colorado State University
Grant Number: G-4530-1
Title: Retroviral Cyclin Effects on Oncogenic Cyclin-dependent Kinases
Annual Direct Cost: $4,546
Project Period: 07/01/2011-06/30/2013

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The aim of this subcontract is to establish an in vivo system to assess tumor induction with virus from molecular clones of walleye dermal sarcoma virus (WDSV). Virus will be prepared from cell culture preparations of WDSV at Colorado State University, concentrated and sent to Cornell. The virus will be inoculated 1M into 12 week old fingerlings that will be held in living streams for up to six months. Tumors that appear will be dissected and a portion assayed for presence and transcriptional activity with qPCR and qRTPCR respectively. Additional sections and remaining fish will be evaluated by histology. Mutant WDSV viruses generated by the Quackenbush lab will be assayed identically. We will support this aim during the project period and do all infections in walleyes. We estimate that a minimal of 18 infections with different mutant
WDSV clones will be processed.