Advancing the health and well-being of animals and people

Awards, April 2015

APRIL 2015

Douglas Antczak
Cornell Joan and Sandford I. Weill Medical College (WCMC/Qatar)
Comparative Animal Genomics in Qatar

Rodrigo Bicalho / Robert Gilbert
Recombinant Bovine Il-8 Therapy to Prevent Retained Placenta and Improve Uterine Health

Jonathan Cheetham
(New Award) Epimed International, Inc.

Long Term Stability of Continuous Infusion Peripheral Nerve Block Catheter

Scott Coonrod
University of Massachusetts (NIH/NIGMS)
Identification of Citrullinated Biomarkers of Inflammatory Disease and Cancer

Kinsley French / Richard Cerione
(New Award) NIH-National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Defining the Functions of Extracellular Shed Vesicles in Cancer Progression

Rodman Getchell
New York Sea Grant Institute Stony Brook
The Potential of VHSV on the Population Recovery of St. Lawrence River Muskellunge

Michael Kotlikoff
(New Award) NIH-National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
Vascular Precursors and Cell-Cell Signaling in Heart Vasculogenesis

Manuel Martin-Flores
(New Award) Galleon Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Evaluation of a Respiratory Stimulant in Dogs

Alexander Nikitin / John Schimenti
(New Award) Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF)
Cancer-Prone Stem Cell Niches in Ovarian and Tubal Epithelia

Alexander Nikitin
New York State Department of Health
Roles of Ovarian Surface Epithelium Stem Cells

Brian VanderVen
(New Award) NIH-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)
Exploiting Metabolic Toxicities to Identify Compounds that Inhibit Cholesterol Metabolism in M. Tuberculosis