Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Faculty Biographies  

Population Medicine & Diagnostic Sciences

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Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Faculty Biographies

Akey, Bruce - Assistant Dean for Diagnostic Operations & AHDC Executive Director
Altier, Craig - Department Chair
Behling-Kelly, Erica - Clinical Pathology
Berliner, Elizabeth - Shelter Medicine
Bicalho, Rodrigo - Ambulatory and Production Medicine
Bigler, Laura - Rabies Prevention
Bischoff, Karyn- Analytical Toxicology
Brooks, Marjory - Comparative Coagulation
Bunting, Elizabeth - Wildlife Health
Catalfamo, Jim - Comparative Coagulation
Chang, Yung-Fu - Bacteriology
Dubovi, Edward - Virology
Erb, Hollis - Epidemiology
Glaser, Amy - Virology
Goodman, Laura - Molecular Diagnostics
Grohn, Yrjo - Epidemiology
Guard, Chuck - Ambulatory and Production Medicine
Jagne, Jarra - Avian Disease
McDonough, Patrick - Bacteriology
Mittel, Linda - Veterinary Support Services
Mohammed, Hussni O. - Epidemiology
Moroni, Paolo - Quality Milk Production Services
Nydam, Daryl - Quality Milk Production Services
Place, Ned - Endocrinology
Priest, Heather - Clinical Pathology
Renshaw, Randy - Virology
Scarlett, Janet - Shelter Medicine
Schaefer, Deanna - Clinical Pathology
Schaefer, John - Parasitology
Schukken, Ynte - Epidemiology
Schuler, Krysten - Wildlife Health
Schanbacher, Barbara
- Endocrinology
Scillieri-Smith, Jessica - Quality Milk Production Services
Smith, Mary
- Ambulatory
Stanhope, Michael - Evolutionary Biology
Stokol, Tracy - Clinical Pathology
Stoute, Simone - Avian Disease
Thompson, Belinda - Veterinary Support Services
Torres, Alfonso - Associate Dean for Public Policy
Virkler, Paul - Veterinary Support Services
Wade, Susan - Parasitology
Wagner, Bettina - Immunology
Warnick, Lorin - Associate Dean for Veterinary Education and Director of the Cornell Univeristy Hospital for Animals
Watters, Rick - Quality Milk Production Services
Welcome, Frank - Quality Milk Production Services
Zurakowski, Michael - Quality Milk Production Services

Adjunct Faculty:
Brown, Janine - Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute - Adjunct Associate Professor
McDonough, Sean - Biomedical Sciences - Adjunct Associate Professor
Miller, Lila - Shelter Medicine - Adjunct Assistant Prof
Regenstein, Joe - Food Science - Adjunct Professor
Schlafer, Donald - Biomedical Sciences - Adjunct Professor
Sebastian, Manu - Adjunct Asistant Professor
Southard, Teresa - Biomedical Sciences - Adjunct Assistant Professor
Zadoks, Ruth - Quality Milk Productions Services - Adjunct Associate Professor

Emeritus Faculty:
Henion, Jack - Diagnostic Laboratory - emeritus
Jacobson, Richard - Diagnostic Laboratory - emeritus
Lein, Don - Diagnostic Laboratory - emeritus
Shin, Sang - Diagnostic Laboratory - emeritus
White, Maurice E. - Ambulatory - emeritus