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College expert discusses Mad Cow Disease

AkeyWhen a sick cow was diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease, more than 3000 media outlets quoted Dr. Bruce Akey in their efforts to help readers and listeners understand the rare mutation found in a cow in California.

Dr. Akey is an Assistant Dean for Diagnostic Operations and Executive Director of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center, part of the Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences. He earned degrees from the College of William and Mary (BS 1977), the University of Florida (MS 1981) and the University of Minnesota (DVM 1987), working in a diagnostic laboratory while pursuing his veterinary degree. After a few years of veterinary private practice, Dr. Akey became the director of the Virginia Animal Health Laboratory System and chief of the Office of Laboratory Services at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (1990 - 2003). In 2003, he became the assistant state veterinarian for the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. In that capacity, he was the liaison between the State of New York and Cornell for the operation of the AHDC, which was founded to conduct the tests that the state veterinarian needs.

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