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Teaching it forward

KornreichDr. Bruce Kornreich knows the value of good teachers. He’s had them; people, he says, who have positively influenced the direction his life has taken. It’s a debt of gratitude that he hopes to continue repaying in his new position as the Associate Director for Education and Outreach at Cornell’s Feline Health Center. After assuming the position on February 29, he will be advancing the Center’s historic focus on educational outreach and research that is dedicated to helping felines around the world.

“The Cornell Feline Health Center is preventing and curing diseases of cats, educating veterinarians and cat owners about feline health, and aiding veterinarians when new or unknown feline diseases occur,” said Dr. Colin Parrish, director of the Baker Institute for Animal Health and the Feline Health Center. “In short, the faculty and staff of the Feline Health Center are dedicated to improving the health and welfare of cats. Education, outreach, and research are the pillars upon which this mission rests. Dr. Kornreich brings expertise in all of these areas to this position. I look forward to working with him to advance the health and well-being of cats around the world.”

In the newly created position, Dr. Kornreich will develop educational programs and related materials for the world renowned Feline Health Center, including electronic and print media; coordinate the evaluation of grants for the Center’s research grant program; represent the Center at professional meetings, conferences and events to external and Cornell constituencies; implement strategic initiatives; provide information and news for cat owners and veterinarians; supervise the veterinary consultants of the Camuti Consultation service; and spend a portion of his time continuing his clinical and teaching endeavors in the Cardiology unit of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

One of his immediate goals is to improve the brand recognition of the Feline Health Center through a marketing and communications approach that will integrate all forms of communication, from educational materials to brochures to the web site and social media.

“We’ve evolved as visual creatures,” said Dr. Kornreich. “I look forward to developing multimedia platforms that are both visually attractive and also provide informative and engaging content.”

In addition, Dr. Kornreich will focus on developing stronger relationships between the Feline Health Center and the clinicians at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, giving new opportunities for research and discovery.

“Throughout my career, I have shared information with a wide range of people in the community,” said Dr. Kornreich. “The Center’s work, including results from ongoing and new research, provides valuable information for people who care for cats in all environments.”

Kornreich has been “teaching it forward” for most of his career, working with students at all levels, from elementary school through professional school. While completing his residency in cardiology at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, he received the Outstanding Resident Award. He has also earned Cornell’s Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award in recognition of his work with the Cornell Cardiology Interest Group, a group of undergraduate students that he has mentored over the four years since its inception. In addition, he has lectured at local, regional, national, and international meetings on topics ranging from clinical cardiology to biophysics, speaking to audiences ranging from practicing veterinarians and veterinary students to basic scientists.

“These activities have been gratifying and educational for me, and I look forward to continuing my commitment to education as my career progresses,” said Dr. Kornreich. “This position will provide me with a special opportunity to achieve my personal goal of educating others and myself.”

Dr. Kornreich holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Albany, a doctorate of veterinary medicine from Cornell and a PhD in pharmacology, also from Cornell. He is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Cardiology, and is a member of the Journal of Veterinary Cardiology’s review board. In his free time, Dr. Kornreich enjoys spending time with his family, writing songs, playing basketball, and enjoying outdoor activities.