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Protect your pets from heat

heatDuring these hots days, pets are at risk of heat stroke, a potentially fatal syndrome that can develop within a matter of minutes when core body temperature rises.

Ideally, keep your pets indoors in a cool environment during this heat wave, but if that's not possible, make sure they have access to shade at all times. Access to a wading pool or intermittently hosing your pet down can also help.

Even if your pet is fit, avoid strenuous exercise like chasing a ball, running, or wrestling with other pets on hot days, as this can rapidly increase body temperatures to dangerous levels.

PETS SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT IN AN ENCLOSED ENVIRONMENT like a car, closed in dog house or shed on a hot day.

If your pet is acting lethargic or ill and is potentially overheated, hose your pet down with cool water so he or she is wet all the way to the skin and get to a veterinarian immediately.

-This information is provided courtesy of Dr. Daniel J. Fletcher, PhD, DVM, DACVECC
Assistant Professor of Emergency and Critical Care Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine