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Spring 2005

The entire magazine is available as a pdf document. It is a large (3.0M) file and may take time to download. (pdf)

Selected Articles from the Spring 2005 issue of the magazine are also available as smaller pdf files.

If the genomes of all animals are more alike than different, wouldn't a veterinary college be the perfect place to study the genetic basis of health and disease? Three tough questions, plus one to answer with an affirmative, yes! The newly established Vertebrate Genomics Center at Cornell University couldn't be in a better place than the College of Veterinary Medicine.<more>

Avian flu is in the news.
Flu vaccination shortages plagued the United States this year. Research in the college may put a whole new spin on flu prevention. Two researchers in the college's Department of Microbiology and Immunology have found a new step in the pathway that is critical for the flu virus to enter and infect a cell. The discovery could lead to the development of antiviral medications and vaccines that would target all influenza viruses.

Veterinary Conference

The early women graduates in veterinary medicine were tenacious, combining fortitude and determination with decency, honor, and a healthy sense of humor. These women were outstanding individuals who often had a positive effect in areas beyond medicine, as they applied their talents and education in other areas of their lives.<more>

Dairy Institute: Teaching Best Practices in Production Medicine

This summer, 21 of tomorrows leaders in food-systems veterinary medicine will gain entree into top industry facilities.<more>