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Fall 2004

The entire magazine is available as a pdf document. It is a large (6.2M) file and may take time to download. (pdf)

Selected Articles from the Fall 2004 issue of the magazine are also available as smaller pdf files.

Howard Evans is going on 82, but beneath the veneer of age lurks a bright, adventurous boy who spent his early years looking under rocks and catching frogs in New York's Central Park-and who could tell you the classification, preferred habitat, dietary predilections, and mating behavior of the prize he held clutched in his hand. <more>

THE DETECTIVES: Careful investigative work in a Cornell lab turns up an influenza virus that made an interspecies leap

An outbreak of equine influenza among racing greyhounds in Jacksonville, Fla., last January has turned out to be far from a fluke, as the virus struck again and again from June through August, extending to every state that has greyhound racetracks and possibly turning up in other breeds of dog as well. The cross-species nature of the illness worries some researchers... <more>

The growth of bones is one of those biological processes that are so complex, and require such a high degree of precision and coordination, that it's remarkable that it ever goes right at all. <more>

The name Austin Hooey may not sound familiar, but that is about to change. Miss Hooey, who in life declined to publicize her charitable intentions, left an extraordinary bequest in February to endow the deanship of the College of Veterinary Medicine. <more>