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Students bring home the prizes from SAVMA

savma2010Please congratulate our students on their outstanding successes --winning five out of eight competitions -- at this year's SAVMA Symposium, held in Wisconsin. The winners for the specific competitions and descriptions where available are below.

Radiology: 1st place
Melissa Murray and Stephanie Silberstang
Challenge questions covering large and small animals, exotics, regional anatomy, and radiology technology concepts. The challenge will be limited to digital and traditional radiographs and will not include MR, CT or other nuclear technologies.

Veterinary Feud: 1st place
Erik Zager, Caitlin Roswell, Tonie Domino, Charlotte Sanford-Crane
Like Family Feud but for vet students! Two teams go head to head answering a variety of veterinary school related questions.

Freshman Anatomy: 1st place
Michael Robinson and Leigh MacAyeal
Challenge lab questions pertaining to canine and feline gross anatomy.
SAVMA Challenge: 1st place
Tim Krebs, Jess Dowling and Melissa Murray
Challenge questions covering a variety of clinical cases. Teams must analyze a history, come up with differentials and give a diagnosis.

NAVLE Trivia: 1st place
Shileyn Rego
Flag Football: 2nd place
Josh Boyden, Patrick McCarthy, Steve Frattini, Abby Regner
5K Run: 2nd place
Jayne Kubat, Robyn Ellerbrock, Steve Frattini, John Lucy, David Gurbacki, and Sandy LaBuda
In addition, please offer a special note of congratulations to Andrea Tu for winning the John Pitts Award for Distinguished Service. This award is given annually to a SAVMA member who has made a significant contribution to veterinary medicine, and Andrea won for her work on organizing the first annual Zoonotic Diseases Symposium here at Cornell last year.
SAVMA Symposium 2011 is scheduled for March 24-27, 2011, at UC Davis.