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Annual Open House offers something for all animal lovers

open houseThe Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine will host its 44th annual Open House on Saturday, April 10, 2010, on the Ithaca campus, from 10 am to 4 pm. The event, which is organized by students, is free and open to the public. More information, including directions to the College, are available at

During the day, faculty, students, and professionals from the community will provide demonstrations and lectures that cover various aspects of the profession and working with animals. This year’s event will feature:
· Camelids (Alpacas and Chewy the Camel)
· Virtual Hospital Tours and Admissions Presentations: (James Law Auditorium)
· Ultrasound demonstrations throughout the day
· Canine Agility presentations
· Police
· Demonstrations of the Underwater Treadmill for companion animals
· See a demonstration of our state of the art performance treadmill used to study orthopedic and cardiovascular diseases of horses.
· Animal Pathology "Show-and-Tell"
Learn gross anatomy and what happens when organ systems fail with a Cornell veterinary pathologist.

In addition, many exhibits will provide opportunities for participants to have first-hand experiences.
· Visit the petting zoo and play with baby farm animals.
· Explore exhibits with exotic pets and wildlife.
· Learn how to milk a cow.
· Discover more about the anatomy of your pets.
· Watch students perform an ultrasound on a dog's heart.
· Dress up in surgical scrubs and have your photo taken as a veterinary surgeon.
· Visit Teddy Bear ER, where we will surgically repair your wounded stuffed animals with TLC.
· Watch as our expert farrier fabricates horse shoes throughout the day.
Presentations will cover a variety of public health issues, zoonotic diseases, pet emergencies and first-aid, animal rehabilitation, the Iditarod, how to apply to vet school, and career sessions. For lecture and presentation times and locations, please visit