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Combined service leverages complete knowledge base

Dewey cerda-gonzalez Looney

The Neurology and Pain Management services at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) have combined efforts to ensure comprehensive care, from pre-operative diagnosis to post-operative, rehabilitative care.

“The combined services ensure that patients recover as quickly as possible,” said Dr. William Horne, hospital director. “Patients receive tremendous value when services are integrated and communication flows freely among doctors.”

This communication, Horne said, begins with the referring veterinarians. “The best outcomes grow from the situations where all who know the animal share their expertise. The communication doesn’t end when patients return to their referring veterinarian. CUHA doctors are available to answer follow-up questions as needed.”

A recent example highlights the successful team approach: A canine came to CUHA earlier this spring completely paralyzed. The neurology team diagnosed her with lower motor neuron disease, a condition for which surgery was not an option. While in ICU, the pain management team offered massage and passive range of motion exercises. After discharge from the ICU, the dog spent weekdays at CUHA, where she took advantage of the underwater treadmill, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and a variety of other techniques. Today, the dog is running and under the care of her referring veterinarian.

“When everyone involved stays involved, the patient has the best chance for a full recovery,” said Samantha Koba, licensed veterinary technician with the pain management service. “Everyone on the team has input and the patient’s treatment and recovery plan leverages everyone’s knowledge and experience.”

The new team includes the following veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians: Dr. Curtis Dewey, Dr. Sofia Cerda-Gonzalez, Dr. Andrea Looney, Britton Bagdley, and Samantha Koba. To request services from the new team, please call 607-253-3060 and ask for a neurology technician.