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2009 Clinical Fellows Program Recipient Announced

sarah helmond

Dr. Sarah Helmond

Dr. Sarah Helmond has been selected as the 2009 Clinical Fellow at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The Clinical Fellows Program was started in 2008 to provide significant research experience for clinical specialists committed to pursuing an academic career.

Dr. Helmond’s research is focused on developing methods to prevent blood clots in dogs with serious hematological diseases, with a special focus on immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA). She intends to continue this research with her fellowship and is intent on understanding why dogs with IMHA get blood clots.

Dr. Helmond is very excited to work in a university-setting, which she says is a thriving community where researchers are breaking new ground every day with their discoveries. She’s hopeful that the fellowship will allow her to explore her clinical and research interests and that someday she’ll be able to teach others what she’s learned.

“I studied a lot of the research and publications from Cornell’s comparative coagulation laboratory during my residency in looking for answers to my research and hold Cornell in the highest regard,” said Dr. Helmond. “I look forward to gaining more research skills from people whom I consider the best in the field."

Dr. Helmond will be working under the direction of Dr. Marjory Brooks, associate section director of the Comparative Coagulation Section of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

“Dr. Helmond has both the skills of a clinician and the thought process of a researcher,” said Dr. Brooks. “She will be a fantastic addition to our team and provide a unique opportunity to network with the hospital.”

Dr. Helmond received her DVM-equivalent, BVSc, from the University of Melbourne in Australia. Upon graduation, she worked for five years in a small animal private practice before pursuing a three-year residency at the University of Minnesota, specializing in general small animal internal medicine.