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Kollias joins international conservation organization

George KolliasGeorge Kollias, DVM, PhD, was invited to become a full member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Specifically, he has been appointed to the Species Survival Commission Otter Specialist Group and the Otters in Captivity Task Force. The appointment recognizes his major and ongoing contributions to the conservation of otters. Kollias has been involved nationally and internationally in wildlife health and conservation for more than 30 years. As a member of the New York State River Otter Project, Kollias was instrumental in reintroducing the Nearctic river otter to its historic range in western NY. As a member of the international organization, Kollias will monitor the status of species, identify threats to these species, and prioritize and promote the necessary conservation actions at all levels. In addition, he will provide scientific advice to conservation organizations and government agencies. Kollias was also named a fellow with the Wildlife Conservation Society. In this position, he will have more formal involvement with international conservation research and serve as an advisor on projects that support wildlife health and conservation. At Cornell, Kollias is the Jay Hyman Professor of Wildlife Medicine.

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