College News

Faculty assume new leadership roles at College

FelippeDr. Julia Felippe has assumed the position of Director of the Veterinary Curriculum for the College of Veterinary Medicine. In this position, Dr. Felippe will provide leadership for and continue to foster excellence in our educational programs through work with the Foundation Course Leaders, Curriculum and Syllabus Committees, course design groups, and the Office of Student and Academic Services. She will be responsible for overseeing the evaluation of our current curriculum, as tasked by the Council on Education, and proposing modifications or improvements where appropriate, as well as developing strategic initiatives around curriculum innovation. Dr. Felippe has contributed to the education of our students on several levels, distinguishing herself as a respected teacher and mentor. Dr. Felippe will continue her current scholarly activities, although at a reduced level of effort. We thank Dr. Felippe for her willingness to take on this important responsibility for the College.




Thompson Dr. Meg Thompson has accepted the position of Director of Continuing Education for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Thompson will provide leadership of College continuing education, including live conferences and online education programs. She will continue to serve as chair of the College Continuing Education Committee and as co-chair of the program committee for the New York State Veterinary Conference. We appreciate Dr. Thompson’s willingness to take on this important role in the College and are confident she will be successful both in overseeing existing programs and developing new initiatives. Plans are underway to ensure coverage of her other faculty activities that may be impacted by this new responsibility.