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Faculty take students to school ... on the ice that is

hockeyIn the fourth Annual Faculty and Staff versus Students hockey game, the students succumbed to the relentless offensive pressure and solid defense of the faculty and staff team, losing 9 to 5 before an especially rowdy student crowd. Led by the airtight goal keeping of Professor Norm Ducharme and the effective offense of Keir Ross, who is currently working in the laboratory of Dr. Lisa Fortier (and thus determined eligible by the Dean under the staff designation). Ducharme attributed his outstanding play to the inspired singing of the Canadian National Anthem by Kathy Earnest-Koons and Julia Miller. The game see-sawed in the first two periods with strong performances on the student side by Glenn Palmer, Molly Yazwinski, Caitlin Hokanson, Maggie Winter, and Derek Cavatorta, as captain Michael Robinson exhorted his teammates to more and more aggressive play. Early in the game Yazwinski delivered a vicious and unprovoked hit to Carolyn McDaniel, who saw little action for the rest of the game. Between periods, however, McDaniel entertained the crowd with her Tai Babalonia impression, accompanied by “Randy” Kotlikoff. Strong floor checking by Jim Flanders, Monique Pare, Gerald Duhamel, and Joe Wakshlag, and some questionable calls by referees Pati Kirch and Jamie Morrisey, the latter officiating (and apparently watching) his first hockey game, marked the second period.

In the final period the faculty secured the Carmichael Cup with key goals scored by Frank Lee, Steve Lamb, Joelle Kirch, and Mike Kraun, and with Ducharme suturing the net closed with a modified “tie back” procedure. Nate Tompkins was outstanding in the goal for the students, but could not stop the onslaught of precisely targeted slap shots. As the game wound down the students pulled their goalie and turned their goal to face the boards in a futile attempt to change the inevitable outcome. Spurred on by slanted announcing from Miller, they finally poured onto the floor in the last minute but could not score against the faculty/staff defense. Tapes of the game will be available in the Library and the students will be held responsible for knowing which faculty or staff scored.


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