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For many people, mouths water at the sight of an oversized, yellow, letter M. It’s equally true that people spontaneously recite “just do it” when shown the Nike swoosh. In Ithaca, Big Red is synonymous with Cornell. This type of recognition takes years of consistency and strategic efforts designed to equate an organization with an image, promises, values, and a vision. The College of Veterinary Medicine is in the process of understanding its brand: the perceptions, expectations, and impressions that people hold of the College, and we would like your input. Please share your responses to four survey questions. The survey is quick, painless, and will ensure that your alma mater positions itself accurately, strategically, and genuinely. Questions and comments are most welcome: please contact sas6@cornell.edu (and type branding survey in the subject line).

In addition, we’re also seeking your input on the College’s magazine. If you have an additional five minutes, please visit this page or complete the form on the last page of the July issue of ’Scopes.