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Making wellness a possibility

BerlinerMaddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, in collaboration with the Central NY Animal Welfare Coalition in Syracuse, is a proud participant in the recently introduced veterinary wellness clinics for low income pet owners in the Syracuse, N.Y., area. The clinics, which also help to increase access to subsidized spay/neuter services, have served the medical needs of more than 650 animals to date.

Dr. Elizabeth Berliner has managed the veterinary services at each of the six clinics, with each of the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program interns and the Program’s summer work study veterinary student attending at least one clinic. In addition, more than 50 Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine students have provided support at the clinics.

At the heart of the program, though, are several Syracuse, N.Y., veterinarians (most of whom are Cornell alumni!) who are providing what would likely be otherwise unattainable wellness veterinary services to animals in the community.

“The superstars are the local practice owners,” said Berliner. “People like Dr. Eileen Fasnacht, Dr. Marcia Zeigler, and Dr. Nancy Freeborough who have volunteered their own time, brought associates and techs to the clinics, and donated supplies. In addition, they’re providing tremendous teaching opportunities for our students who love working with them.”

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