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Creativity Examined: A Leadership Program session that will kick-start innovation

Successful inventors think outside the box. Inquisitive students think outside the textbook. Learn how scientists think outside of the beaker at the Cornell Leadership Program’s inaugural “Creativity Examined: an Inquiry into the Basis of Innovation and a Strategy for its Promotion” active learning session. Scheduled for July 30, 2012, in Room 120 of Cornell’s Physical Sciences Building, from 10 am to 12pm, the program is open to members of the Cornell community with complimentary admission. As space is limited, please reserve your seat with Jennifer Best (256-5616).

Dr. John Parker, Director of the Leadership Program at Cornell, will begin the program with introductory remarks that underscore the relationship between creativity and discovery. Moderated by award-winning researcher Dr. Richard Cerione, the program will investigate innovation in music, literature, and the life sciences as well as explore strategies for promoting creativity in people who embark on discovery-based careers. The program will include panel discussion and small-group interactions, giving participants multiple opportunities to engage with the renowned panel members. They are:

  • Dr. Michael I Kotlikoff, Austin O Hooey Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
  • Dr. Don M Randel, President, The Andrew W Mellon Foundation
  • Professor Elizabeth Simpson, FRS, Creative Author and Senior Research Investigator, Department of Medicine, Imperial College, London
  • Professor Oliver Smithies, Nobel Laureate and Distinguished Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Animal Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“To be creative, must you be born that way?” asked Dr. Douglas McGregor, emeritus professor, Leadership Program founder, and Creativity Examined program organizer. “Not necessarily. This program will highlight aspects of creativity that can be learned and emphasize the value of creative thinking in scientific endeavors. We have engaged scholars in the program who have achieved distinction in a variety of disciplines, have an interest in the creative process, and who have a record of encouraging students to structure their education in a manner that would enable them to realize their full potential.”

For more information, please contact Jennifer Best at 256-5616.