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White Coat Ceremony 2014


Cornell's annual White Coat Ceremony was held on December 6, 2014 to recognize the one hundred and two members of the class of 2016 as they transition from the preclinical to the clinical portion of their veterinary educational training. During this rite of passage, the students each received a white coat- the symbol of professionalism and empathy in medicine. Students were accompanied on-stage and coated by their professional mentors who have provided support and encouragement along the way.

Drs. Steven Osofsky ’89, Executive Director of Wildlife Health and Health Policy at the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Susan Hackner, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, spoke to the group about the significance of the moment. As the students transition from the classrooms to the clinics, the speakers reminded them to stay focused on taking the knowledge they have learned and apply it to each specific client’s needs.

Along with the symbolic act of being coated, the students were led by Dr. Edward Gschrey ’86 (CALS '83), Treasurer of the Alumni Association Executive Board, in reciting the Veterinarian’s Oath. The students promised to use their knowledge to protect animal health and welfare, prevent and relieve animal suffering, aid in the conservation of animal resources, promote public health, and help the advancement of medical knowledge. Family and friends attended the celebration.