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Opening Ceremony Remarks by Dr. Lorin Warnick

I am Dr. Lorin Warnick, Associate Dean for Veterinary Education at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It is my pleasure to represent our faculty in this opening of the Cornell China Dairy Institute. I want to recognize my colleague, Dr. Charles Guard, who took the lead on planning the course content and will be the instructor in the first week of the program and Mr. William Leone, 4th year veterinary student, who will assist with the first two weeks of the course. We welcome course participants and distinguished guests.

We appreciate the initiative of Charles Shao of Huaxia Dairy in proposing this new dairy education program in China and in agreeing to host the hands-on instruction at his farm. We also thank the Sanhe Vocational Education School for collaborating and providing teaching space, the local government officials for their support, Pfizer Animal Health for financial sponsorship, as well as the US Grains Council and AltaGenetics.<br />
Why are Cornell faculty members coming to teach dairy veterinary medicine in China? Cornell University is widely recognized as a leader in veterinary education and dairy cattle veterinary medicine is one of our strongest programs. As a college and individual faculty, we have a goal of improving animal care and public health both in the United States and internationally. This new China Dairy Institute is a unique opportunity to work towards that goal.

Veterinary staff working on progressive Chinese dairies will learn science-based principles of dairy cattle health care and will have opportunities to practice clinical skills. This will benefit the health and welfare of cattle they care for, improve the profitability of dairy farms and help promote human health through providing safe, high quality dairy products.

In addition to teaching, another reason we are here is to learn. Whenever we become involved with veterinary services or agriculture around the world, we always benefit from seeing new ways of doing things and learning from our international colleagues. I am sure we will have the same experience in the Cornell China Dairy Institute.

Over the next four weeks, seven Cornell veterinarians, two veterinary students and one quality milk technician will travel to China to teach in the course. We are looking forward to a successful program and thank you for being here to help mark this important occasion.