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Fall 2015 / Winter 2016

4:00 pm Mondays, November - December Lecture Hall III, Veterinary Research Tower

4:00 pm Mondays, January - March NOTE:  Boyce Thompson Auditorium


November 16
Clint Stalnecker (Cerione Lab) - Targeting altered cancer cell metabolism: Mitochondrial glutaminase regulation and inhibition by small molecules
Aparna Mahadevan (Kurpios Lab) - TBA

November 23 - NO WIP

November 30
Yang Gao (Cerione Lab) - Visualizing Vision – Toward a vision GPCR-G protein complex structure
Dante Lepore (Collins Lab) - Sec4p phosphorylation is a cell cycle-dependent modification regulated by the polo-like kinase Cdc5p


December 7
Joy Lin (Cerione Lab) - Dock7, a novel mTOR binding partner, and its role in cellular transformation
Kinsley French (Cerione Lab) - Extracellular vesicles in cancer progression

December 14
Michael Lukey (Cerione Lab) - Regulation of glutamine catabolism by the oncogenic transcription factor c-Jun
Akira Karasawa (Kawate Lab) - Molecular mechanism underlying ATP-gated ion channel antagonism

December 21 - NO WIP

JANUARY 2016 - Boyce Thompson Auditorium

January 4 - NO WIP

January 11
Kai Su Greene (Cerione Lab) - Understanding how SIRT5 regulates GAC
John O'Donnell (Sondermann Lab) - TBA

January 18 - NO WIP, Martin Luther King Holiday

January 25- NO WIP, Special Seminar
Jeffrey Benovic, College of Biomedical Sciences, Jefferson University


February 1 - NO WIP, BBS Recruitment

February 8
Frances Chen (Kurpios Lab) - Genomic regulation of Pitx2-mediated organogenesis
Krista Giglio (Sondermann Lab) - A conserved c-di-GMP signaling node modulates biofilm formation in Vibrio cholerae

February 15 - NO WIP, February Break

February 22
Ian Malgapo (Linder Lab) - Assessing oligomerization of DHHC proteins
Kevin Michalski (Kawate Lab) - Pannexin-1 channels are affected by carbenoxolone and other small molecules

February 29
Joe Druso (Cerione Lab) - Toward an understanding of the roles of Cdc42 in mammary gland development and cancer
Carl Schiltz (Chappie Lab) - Lambda RexA and it’s role in induction of the lytic lifecycle of Lambda phage


March 7
Kevin Siegenthaler (Sevier Lab) - Sil1’s role as an endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductase
Rick Cooley (Sondermann Lab) - Mechanistic insights into a conserved receptor that controls bacterial biofilm formation

March 14
Kristeen Pareja (Sevier Lab) - Characterization of BiP-Sil1 complex
Carolyn Kelly (Sondermann Lab) - Identifying atlastin-specific interactions to elucidate molecular mechanisms

March 21
Chris Ptak (Oswald Lab) - Structural influences of positive allosteric modulators on AMPA receptors
Chris Hosford (Chappie Lab) - Structural and functional characterization of the McrBC restriction complex

March 28
Aravind Sivakumar (Kurpios Lab) - TBA