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Fall 2016 / Winter 2017

4:00 pm Mondays, November - December, Boyce Thompson Auditorium



November 7
Chris Hosford (Chappie Lab) - Assessing species-specific determinants of McrB-DNA binding
Aravind Sivakumar (Kurpios Lab) - Hyaluronan provides a mechanism for asymmetric gut and vascular morphogenesis

November 14
Bill Katt (Cerione Lab) - Examining the roles of liver-type and kidney-type glutaminase in breast cancer
Frances Chen (Kurpios Lab) - CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing at the Pitx2 locus: Investigating a role for the long noncoding RNA Playrr in transcriptional regulation of organogenesis

November 21
Stella Li (Cerione Lab) - Mechanistic basis of glutaminase activation: A key enzyme that promotes glutamine metabolism in cancer cells
Akira Karasawa (Kawate Lab) - Molecular mechanism underlying ATP-gated ion channel antagonism

November 28
Shawn Milano (Cerione Lab) - Identification of a novel region in heterotrimeric G proteins important for effector binding and activation
Joe Druso (Cerione Lab) - Effects of constitutively-active Cdc42 on primary mammary epithelia


December 5 - NO WIP, Special Seminar

December 12
Ian Malgapo (Linder Lab) - Optimization of crystallization conditions of DHHC
John O'Donnell (Sondermann Lab) - Comparing the mechanisms of GTP-hydrolysis driven conformational changes in Atlastin isoforms


January 2 - NO WIP

January 9
Aparna Mahadevan (Kurpios Lab) - Integrated role of left-right Pitx2 pathway and Cxcl12-Cxcr4 chemotaxis in patterning functional gut lymphatics
Carl Schiltz (Chappie Lab) - Elucidating the mechanism of RexA-mediated lytic cycle induction in lambda phage

January 16 - NO WIP, Martin Luther King Holiday

January 23 - NO WIP, SPECIAL SEMINAR, Boyce Thompson Institute Auditorium

January 30
Carolyn Kelly (Sondermann Lab) - Structural and functional characterization of dynamin-related G proteins
Erin Nicklow (Sevier Lab) -Redox modification of Fes1 and its role in cellular oxidative stress response


February 6 - NO WIP, BBS Recruitment

February 13
Kristeen Pareja (Sevier Lab) - Characterization of Sil1
Arash Larifkar (Cerione Lab) - TBA

February 20 - NO WIP, February Break

February 27
Ahmad Cluntun (Cerione Lab) - TBA
Justin Lormand (Sondermann Lab) - TBA


March 6
Julio Sanchez (Cerione Lab) - TBA
Shing Hu (Kurpios Lab) - TBA

March 13
Divya Shiroor (Adler Lab) - TBA
Ed Partlow (Hollopeter Lab) - TBA

March 20
Kevin Siegenthaler (Sevier Lab)
The nucleotide exchange factor Sil1 is also a thiol-based redox regulator of the molecular chaperone BiP
Kevin Michalski (Kawate Lab)
Efforts to crystallize a pannexin-1 channel