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Fall 2013 / Winter 2014

4:00 pm Mondays, November - March
Lecture Hall III, Veterinary Research Tower


November 4

Laura Desrochers (Cerione Lab) - Microvesicles and Embryonic Stem Cells
Aravind Sivakumar (Kurpios) - Hyaluronan Provides a Mechanism for L-R Asymmetric Morphogenesis

November 11

Joy Lin (Cerione Lab) - Identification of mTORC2 as a Necessary Component of HRG/ErbB2-dependent Cellular Transformation
Aparna Mahadevan (Kurpios Lab) - Left-Right Signaling Pathway Drives Organ-specific Vascularization of the Midgut

November 18

Rick Cooley (Sondermann Lab) - Dissecting the Molecular Basis of Bacterial Biofilm Regulation Using Non-Natural Amino Acids
Clint Stalnecker (Cerone Lab) - Targeting Altered Cancer Cell Metabolism - Mitochondrial Glutaminase Regulation and Inhibition by Small Molecules




December 2 - see Department Seminar series

December 9

Yang Gao (Cerione Lab) - Visualizing Vision - In Pursuit of a Vision GPCR-G
Jie Wang (Sevier Lab) - ER Oxidative Stress Protection via HSP70 Oxidative Modification

December 16

Garima Singh (Cerione Lab) - Tissue Transglutaminase "Open" for Business
Akiyuki Nishimura (Linder Lab) - Identification and Characterization of SCAMP3 Palmitoylation



January 6

Akira Karasawa (Kawate Lab) - Crystallization of P2X7 Receptor
Dante Lapore (Collins Lab) - The Functional Significance of Phosphorylated Sec4p

January 13

Julia Kumpf (Kawate Lab) - Structural Inquiries of Pannexin Channels
Duane Hoch (Collins Lab) - Characterization of an Acyltransferase from Legionella Pneumophila that Modulates Host Cellular Pathways

January 27

Joe Druso (Cerione Lab) - An Analysis of Cdc42 Function in the Mammary Gland
Krista Giglio (Sondermann Lab) - Investigating the Role of Protein-Protein Interactions in the Control of c-di-GMP Signal Specificity during Pseudomonas Fluorescens Biofilm Formation



February 3

Sachi Horibata (Coonrod Lab) - Role of PAD12 in the Development of Tamoxifen Resistance in Human Breast Cancer
Ian Welsh (Kurpios Lab) - Regulatory Genomics of Asymmetric Gene Expression

February 10

Kristeen Pareja (Sevier Lab) - Elucidating the Mechanism of Cell Protection Mediated by BiP Oxidation
Marcus Wilkes (Baird Lab) - The Role of Cdc42 in Regulating RBL – 2H3 Signaling

February 24

Kate Alexander (Garcia-Garcia Lab) - Differential Requirements of TRIM28 for the Epigenetic Inheritance of DNA Methylation
Colin Gottlieb (Linder Lab) - Dissecting the Role of Palmitate on DHHC Palmitoyl Transferases



March 3

John O'Donnell (Sondermann Lab) - Understanding the Unique Mechanistic and Cellular Roles of Atlastin Isoforms
Ezen Choo (Dando Lab) - Hormonal Modulation of the Peripheral Taste System

March 10

Jie (Jocelyn) Wang (Rudd Lab) - How Neonatal T cells Differ from Adult T Cells
Jordan Mohr (rotation student) - TBA