Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Sources of Shipping and Treatment Supplies

Supplies for shipment and treatment of diseased fishes can be obtained from the sources indicated below. Additional sources are listed in the Annual Buyer's Guide published by Aquaculture Magazine.

Note, treatment of fish diseases must be made with approved chemicals. The list of approved chemicals changes periodically and the culturist would be wise to consult with the diagnostic laboratory for current guidelines.

  • Insulated shipping containers--styrofoam coolers from a local hardware store; or fish boxes from a supplier such as Speedling, Inc., P.O. Box 7238, Sun City, FL 33586, 800-940-3261.
  • Formalin for fixing fish--from a scientific supply company such as Ward's Biology, 5100 West Henrietta Rd., P.O. Box 92912, Rochester, NY 14692, 800-962-2660; or an aquaculture supplier such as Argent Chemical Laboratories, 8702 152nd Ave., Redmond, WA 98052, 800-426-6258 or Fritz Aquaculture, P.O. Drawer 17040, Dallas, TX 75217, 800-527-1323.
  • Plastic jars--may be obtained locally or purchased from a scientific supply company such as Ward's Biology.
  • Oxygen--from a local supplier identified in the telephone yellow pages.
  • Chemicals for treatment of diseases--some may be available locally through a veterinarian or pharmacy, many must be purchased (preferably in advance and stored properly until needed) from an aquaculture supplier such as Argent Chemical Laboratories or Fritz Aquaculture.
  • Fish food--suitable products may be obtained from your local Agway or feed store; to ensure high quality it is perhaps best to purchase your feed from a recognized aquaculture manufacturer such as Ziegler Brothers, Inc., P.O. Box 95, Gardners, PA 17324, 717-677-6181 or A.J. Balshi, Inc., 350 Fisher Avenue, Catawissa, PA 17820, 717-356-7161.

Note: Identification of a source or product does not constitute an endorsement.