Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Microbiology and Immunology

College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
C5 181 VMC
Ithaca, NY 14853-6401

phone: 607-253-3400
fax: 607-253-3384

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Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

For general questions regarding the courses, please contact Kelly Boyko or Ms. Sachiko Funaba ( For questions regarding specific courses, you may contact the instructor of the course or Ms. Funaba.

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Graduate and Undergraduate Course Listing

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Course Prefix / Code Course Title Instructor Semester(s) Offered
BIOMS 1310 Parasites as Literary Protagonists - Mind Control, Emasculation, and Egg Sacks D. Bowman,
A. Lucio-Forster
Winter (on-line)
VETMI 2990 Research Opportunities in Microbiology and Immunology Faculty Summer

BIOMS 3150

Basic Immunology

A. August


BIOMS 3310
(BIOMI 3310)

General Parasitology

D. Bowman


BIOMS 3350 Wildlife Parasitology D. Bowman,
A. Lucio-Forster
Summer (on-line)

BIOMS 4040
(BIOMI 4040)

Pathogenic Bacteriology

D. Debbie


BIOMS 4090
(BIOMI 4090 /
PLPA 4009)

Principles in Virology

J. Parker,
K. Osterrieder


BIOMS 4310
(BIOMI 4310)

Medical Parasitology

D. Bowman


BIOMS 4311 Paleoparasitology - Very, Very Cold Cases D. Bowman Spring
BIOMS 4340 Cellular and Molecular Microbial Pathogenesis: The Host/Pathogen Interplay D. Debbie, D. Russell, G. Whittaker Spring (odd-numbered years)
VETMI 5000 Independent Study in Immunology Immunology Faculty Fall, Spring

VETMI 6050

Special Projects in Microbiology (Undergraduate)

Microbiology Faculty


VETMI 6200 Research Fellowship in Microbiology and Immunology College of Vet. Med. Faculty Fall, spring

VETMI 7000

The Biology of Animal and Plant Viruses

C. Parrish, Virology Faculty

(odd-numbered years)

VETMI 7050
(BIOMS 7050)

Advanced Immunology

C. Leifer

(even-numbered years)

VETMI 7070

Advanced Work in Bacteriology, Virology, and Immunology

Microbiology Faculty

Fall, Spring

VETMI 7120

Seminars in Infection & Immunity

A. August

Fall, Spring

VETMI 7230

Current Topics in Immunology and Infectious Disease

Immunology and Infectious Disease Faculty

Fall, Spring

VETMI 7251 Current Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis C. Altier,
H. Marquis
Spring (even-numbered years)

VETMI 7370

Advanced Work in Animal Parasitology

D. Bowman

Fall, Spring

VETMI 7720

Advanced Work in Aquatic Animal Diseases

P. Bowser

Fall, Spring

VETMI 7830

Seminars in Parasitology

D. Bowman

Fall, Spring


Other Courses Taught by the Department Faculty

CLASS 1692
(BIOMI 1720)
Bioscientific Terminology D. Bowman,
H. Roisman
Winter, Summer
ANSC 4400
(BIOMS 4400)
Tools for a Lifelong Career in Research J. Gavalchin,
R. Dietert
BIOAP 6100
By Scientific Design: Skill Building for a Career in the Life Sciences J. Casey,
D. Lin,
H. Sondermann

NS 6110
(TOX 6110)

Molecular Toxicology

S. Bloom,
D. Muscarella,
B. Strupp.