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Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and publications in your specialty field or areas of subject interest is an important aspect of continuing education for veterinary professionals. Veterinarians can utilize several no cost options that best suit their ongoing needs and working style.


Bibliographic databases, such as PubMed MEDLINE

Get tables-of-contents- like lists of new journal articles or subject references with abstracts by email either on-demand (you initiate the update each time) or on a pre-arranged schedule.
Covers all new articles added to PubMed MEDLINE    

Follow the simple procedure below, or see instructions at PubMed Tutorials                       

1.  Set up a free My NCBI account (one time only) to reserve your work/storage space on an NIH computer server.

2.  Conduct a search (see examples below) and click "Save Search"

Saved search alerts can be set up by:

One or more journals (table-of-contents)
Combination of above

Sample journal TOC updates
Note: Enter full journal titles or NLM abbreviations found in Journals Database

Search strategy: j am anim hosp OR j small anim pract OR j feline med surg OR j vet intern med OR vet clin north am small anim pract OR vet surg

Possible name: Small animal journals

Sample subject update

Search strategy: influenza in birds OR avian influenza

Possible name: Avian flu

Sample combination update

Search strategy: fowler ME OR kollias GV OR animals, wild OR wildlife OR avian dis OR avian pathol OR j aquatic anim health OR j avian med surg OR j fish dis OR j wildlife dis OR j zoo wildlife med

Possible name: Wildlife

3. Then, give your saved search a nick-name or abbreviated title and specify parameters for on-demand or automatic scheduled updates.  If scheduled, indicate the frequency.

4.   You can view your save searches and run them in the full PubMed MEDLINE database at any time by accessing your My NCBI account.


  • Publisher Web sites

Get email alerts of new publications and articles
Limited to items from a particular publisher

Look for and sign up using alert buttons or sidebars on individual publisher journal home pages.

  • Other Sources

Journal Table of Contents Service
[Free with registration]
Launched in December 2008, Journal TOCS can be used to find, display and save tables of thousands of academic journals, include at least 61 veterinary titles from over 300 publishers.

Veterinary Information Network (VIN)
[Membership required]
See under “Library”
Provides tables-of-contents, abstracts and links to full-text for about 150 core veterinary journals

Watch for RSS (Really Simply Syndication) RSS Feedfeeds on Web sites.  This capability requires an RSS reader, but can be used to alert you to new and revised content and changes to important Web pages in your area of interest.