Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library

Veterinary Library Access Authorization Form for Cornell Students, Faculty and Staff

Alumni and Visitors please see: Visitor Access Form

Check with your department to determine whether you are a member of the Veterinary College community to ensure access.

Please provide the following information, which will be entered into the Veterinary College Security System so that you may enter the Veterinary College complex for library use on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. Please note that this form is not necessary if you are a member of the Veterinary College community.

PLEASE NOTE: Access will be terminated for Fall on DECEMBER 31st, for Spring on MAY 31st, or for Summer on AUGUST 31st. YOU MUST RENEW after each term.

When this information has been entered into the system you will be able to use your Cornell ID Card in the Atrium (Vet Education Center) door card reader to enter the College and use the Veterinary Library.

**Required for Access


First Name

Last Name


Class of

E-mail Address

Cornell ID Card


Specific Purpose(s) for
   Off-Hours Access**