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Flow Cytometry: Using the Facility

Flow Cytometry allows the rapid acquisition of data from thousands to millions of particles. Each particle is measured for relative size, internal complexity and relative fluorescence intensity.

The Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory at Cornell University provides a wide variety of cytometry services for investigators at Cornell University as well as external investigators. We currently have access to a high-speed FACSAria cell sorter and a LSR II for data acquisition. We will be happy to help you establish or convert your assay to flow cytometry, as well as aid in the analysis and interpretation of flow cytometry data.

New Investigators
We ask that all new investigators fill out a cytometry request form, listed below, for either the Aria (cell sorter) or the LSR-II (analyzer) the first time they use the facility. Users with established protocols can just e-mail us with their experiment information. New users should estimate run time and prepare appropriate controls. Please contact Dorian if you have any questions.

This core facility does not currently support unassisted use of the Aria, but the LSR-II is user operated for data acquisition and analysis.

The flow cytometry request form has to be filled up accurately and completely, then submitted to the Flow Cytometry Core prior to sorting. This will involve certification from the EHS for BSL-2 samples. The policy of the laboratory to protect client samples against contamination is to not sort infectious microbes, non-eukaryotes or BSL-3 samples. The sorter will explicitly not take mycoplasma, cells infected with mycoplasma or any other infectious microorganism that can be released, bacteria, or yeast to minimize risk of cross contamination between clients. These restrictions apply to the sorter, but not the analyzer.