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Lab Manager

Chris Donahue
Phone: (607) 253-4004

Lab Director

Andy Yen
Phone: (607) 253-3354

Flow Cytometry: LSR-II

The Biomedical Sciences Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory has an user operated BD-Biosciences LSRII Flow Cytometer also utilizing a quartz cuvette for interrogation. It is equipped with three lasers providing excitation lines at 488nm, 633nm and 407nm, the UV line at 325nm is available upon request. Signal processing is digital, allowing high acquisition rates, recapitulation and logical analysis of acquired data. There are 4 emission wavelengths detected from 488 nm excitation, 2 from 633 nm excitation and 2 from 407 nm excitation to accommodate a wide range of fluorochromes.

All users must receive training by flow core personnel prior to operating the LSR-II.

Here is the LSR-II Request Form and the LSR-II configuration:Cornell Flow Cytometry - LSR-II