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Lab Manager

Chris Donahue
Phone: (607) 253-4004

Lab Director

Andy Yen
Phone: (607) 253-3354

Flow Cytometry: Aria

The Flow Cytometry Core operates a BD FACS Aria high-speed flow cytometer/cell sorter utilizing a quartz cuvette for interrogation. It is equipped with five lasers providing excitation lines at 355 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm and 633 nm. Signal processing is digital, allowing high acquisition rates, recapitulation and logical analysis of acquired data. The Aria is capable of high speed cell sorting (>30,000 events/second) and collecting sorted samples into up to four 2 ml or 5 ml tubes, two 15 ml tubes and is also equipped with a robotic device for sorting into multi-well plates and onto glass slides.

Here is the Aria Request Form and the Aria configuration:

Cornell Flow Cytometry - Aria Configuration

The Aria also has the following accessories:

  • Buffalo Filter Aerosol Management System, which captures any aerosols generated during the sorting process.
  • bioBubble Biohazard containment unit which is a negative pressure containment unit that fully encloses the Aria. The bioBubble provides protection for sorting of samples up to BSL2+ particles.
  • BD Temperature Control Option, which consists of a recirculating water bath designed to keep collection tube holders at a constant tempture between 4-20 degrees. The recirculating water bath can also be used with the ACDU for temperature-controlled sorting into multi-well plates.

The Aria is only operated by flow core personnel.