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Lab Manager

Dorian LaTocha
Phone: (607) 253-4004

Lab Director

Andy Yen
Phone: (607) 253-3354


Veterinary Research Tower
T7 011
Ithaca, NY  14853-6401


Flow Cytometry: Scheduling

We currently are using Cornell's EGA resouce accounts for scheduling time on our cytometers. If you would like to access the calendar for any instrument contact Dorian LaTocha and visit this link to activate your EGA account.

Training sessions for the LSR-II are 2 hours long and are done on an individual basis to ensure the trainee has a full understanding of operating the instrument.

We require clients to schedule sorts 1 week in advance. All cancellations have to be made at least 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment or the appointments will be billed for the full scheduled number of hours.

The flow cytometry request form has to be filled up accurately and completely, submitted to the Flow Cytometry Core prior to cell sorting. This will involve certification from the EHS for BSL-2 samples. The lab is not equipped to sort BSL-3 and above samples.

To schedule a flow appointment, please call Dorian LaTocha at 607-253-4004 or email him at