Comparative Orthopaedics

The Comparative Orthopaedics Laboratory is directed by Dr. Alan Nixon. Dr. Nixon obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Sydney in 1978 and completed a surgical residency and research degree at Colorado State University in 1983. After five years in the Department of Surgical Sciences at the University of Florida, Dr. Nixon moved to New York in 1988 where he is currently a professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Cornell University.

Specialized technical support and organization of the laboratory is provided by Ms. Lisa Strassheim. Additionally, two other technicians, Ms. Jessica Ekman and Ms. Jennifer Haupt, provide animal care or perform primary research studies in cartilage and tendon disease, respectively. Sectioning of tissues for microscopic analysis of natural diseases and samples from experimental animals is also performed by the histology technician, Ms. Mary Lou Norman.

The bulk of the research projects are performed by graduate students or postdoctoral fellows in the laboratory. There are generally two or three doctoral or postdoctoral candidates, one or two Masters of Science students, three to four undergraduate students from Cornell University, and one or two residents in the surgery training programs that are engaged in projects in the Comparative Orthopaedics Laboratory. Secretarial assistance and grant fiscal management are provided by Ms. Anne Littlejohn and Ms. Shirley Hatfield, respectively, in the College of Veterinary Medicine.