Andrew and Swapna Graduate

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Paula's Wedding

The Venue:

Ex-lab members were there too:

In white, but not lab coats for a change:

Little and Littler:


Party Animal:

Oh yes, and Paul was there too!!!


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Lab Holiday Party - Gift Swap

First up is Xu:

Josh picks the biggest box, of course (but why are Andrew and Kim grimacing like that?):

Melissa is VERY happy with her mushroom growing kit:

Kim takes a turn:

And then Elena (while Kadeine knocks back the cocktails!):

Using the complete opposite strategy to that of her husband, Kadeine goes for the smallest package, perhaps hoping for cold hard cash:

And is rewarded with the first steal of the night, but is very happy with her replacement:

Fei gets booze .... perhaps the most inappropriately paired gift of the night:

And Peter makes a steal from Elena for the most appropriately paired gift of the night (much to Elena's relief):


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Lab Picnic to Celebrate Swapna's A Exam

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Building a recombination pathway out of pipecleaners

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Fei's defense - July 2012

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Kadeine's Wedding - August 2012

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Warrior Dash - August 2011

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Halloween 2010 at Kim's house

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