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Warnick Bassman
Dr. Lorin Warnick, Hospital Director Sarah Bassman, Client and Referring Veterinarian Service Coordinator

Dear Colleagues,

Your comments and feedback are very important to us. This spring we worked with CalPro Research (in partnership with Zoetis) to conduct a survey of our companion animal Referring Veterinarians. We are happy to share an updated summary of the results with you, as well as how we have been working to address areas that we recognize would benefit from improvement.

Overwhelmingly, the quality of our medicine was identified as our greatest strength. Other areas of strength included the level of compassion exhibited in the hospital and clarity of instructions for follow up care. We are grateful for the acknowledgement of our efforts. The survey responses included many excellent suggestions for topics to cover in future continuing education offerings which have been shared with the college’s CE committee.

The survey responses showed we have room for improvement in areas related to communication with referring veterinarians such as: timeliness, responding to inquiries, and providing updates on patients. We remain committed to improvements in this area and have implemented new procedures to achieve this. A client and referring veterinarian service committee has been formed whose sole purpose is to improve the communication and hospital experience for you and your clients. This committee will remain active and is addressing the issues that came from this survey. Sarah Bassman, our Client and Referring Veterinarian Service Coordinator (appointed in 2011) will also take responsibility for helping to implement changes based on your feedback. Also, this summer our client survey process was revised to continually monitor, measure, and then implement improvements with appropriate actions based on client feedback.

The entire faculty and staff of our hospital were invited to a survey findings webinar offered by Calpro where they were presented with the survey results and following the presentation were asked to participate in discussion and idea exchange.

Although the survey results are anonymous, we always welcome personal feedback and our door is open to you. Please call or email anytime. As we continually work on our process improvement, we look forward to the next round of surveys this winter and your continued feedback that helps us learn how to best meet your needs.

Thank you again for your support and time. We truly appreciate our partnership with you.
Warm regards,
Lorin D. Warnick, DVM, PhD
Hospital Director
Cornell University Hospital for Animals
Tel: 607-253-3030

Sarah Bassman
Client and Referring Veterinarian Service Coordinator
Tel: 607-253-3641