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Bert - Weanling Saddlebred Colt

Registered as For Those Who Wait, this foal is more commonly known as “Bert,” named after Dr. Gilbert from the Theriogenology Service. More

Reggie - 22-year-old Thoroughbred Gelding

Reggie (right) came to Cornell following
two episodes of liver disease and colic. More

Jägermeister - 7-year-old Hanoverian Gelding

Jägermeister (left) came to Cornell after
slipping and lacerating a major tendon and
bursa of his hind leg. More

Comet and Dixie

Comet (left) suffered from recurrent episodes of bloat. Dixie (right) was injured while calving. More

Krissy - 10-year-old Belgian Mare

Krissy came to Cornell after developing
severe shipping fever pneumonia while
traveling to compete at the Calgary
Stampede. More

Gary Cooper - 13-year-old Swiss Alpine Goat

Star of stage and screen, Coops was
initially trained for packing by his older
brothers. More