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Meet Our Pharmacists and Staff


Lisa Penny, Pharmacy Director
Bonnie Judd, Pharmacist
Amy Morgan, Pharmacist

Pharmacy Techs

Noah Brown
Danielle Kimmich, Certified Pharmacy Technician
Sharon Sanford
Jennifer Wildenstein, Certified Pharmacy Technician
Cara Yaple, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Vet Students at the CUHA Pharmacy
As part of an educational institution, the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA) Pharmacy serves as a teaching resource for veterinary students.  Additionally, motivated students are given an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of pharmacotherapy while earning some extra pocket cash for themselves.  Each year, a limited number of students are hired to help with the day-to-day operations of the pharmacy when not in class or otherwise pursuing their studies.
Hands-on experience not only helps students with the challenges of their academic work, but also helps the pharmacy to serve you better.  Here is a listing of our current veterinary student pharmacy staff:

Kyle Walker ‘16
Marielle LeFloch ‘16
Morgan Burd ‘16
Amanda Armijo '17
Alexandra Herestofa '17
Dong Kim '17
Anne Thitipraserth '17
Joe DiBenedetto  '18
Eva Marie Quijano Carde '18
Steven Robillard '18
Chyna Wagoner '18
Meagan Wheatley '18
Alicia Chisholm '19
Lancya Hutchison '19
William Fugina '19
Monica Salazar '19
Yucheng Zhang '19

                         White Coat Ceremony
                                   December, 2014
                Kyle, Marielle, and Morgan

Kyle, Marielle, and Morgan; White Coat Ceremony December, 2014

And yes, we’ve had quite a number of alumni work with us in the past.  With apologies to those we’ve forgotten (send us a note and we’ll add you to our list), some of our favorite students that we have seen “get all grown up” and now might be working out in your community with you and your pets include:
Emily Donaldson '15
Jacqueline Walker '15
Kristin Gill '15
Mary Lester '15
Colleen Cassidy '14
Diana Gharbawy '14
Erica Burkland '14
Nicole Finazzo '14
Bronwyn  Purcell-DeAbreu '13
Jeff Beverly '13
Scarlett Springate '13
Kristi Hulme '12
Dana Muir '12
Rachael Albert '12
Sheilyn Rego '12
Ann Marie McNamara '11
Jeremy Salvatore '11
Katrina Kollgaard '11
Robert Ossiboff '10
Melissa Thompson '10
Megan Nyboer '09
Amanda Perkins '09
Amelia Knieper '09
LaToya Schultz '09
Christopher Hilton '08
Jennifer Sun '06
Amy Nicastro '05
Lauren Schnabel '04