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Norm G. Ducharme, DVM, MSc Diplomate American College of Surgeons

  • Norm G. Ducharme, DVM, MSc Diplomate American College of Surgeons
  • Title: James Law Professor of Surgery, Section of Large Animal Surgery & Medical Director, Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals
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Norm Ducharme is a large animal surgeon specializing in equine performance issues and is the medical director of both the Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals at Cornell. He has been practicing large animal surgery since 1979. His emphasis is on sport medicine issues affecting the equine athlete specifically the respiratory system, angular deformity and orthopedics.

Education and training

University of Montreal DVM, 1979

Cornell University, Residency in large animal surgery, 1982

Guelph University, MSC, 1985

Board Certification

American College of Veterinary Surgery 1986



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