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Farrier Services: Medical Conditions

Acute or chronic laminitis
Laminitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the digital laminae of hoof. Symptoms include lameness, increased temperature in the hooves, limping and trembling. Diagnosis is often made through imaging studies. Shoeing treatments include supporting the bottom structure of the foot with a frog support system

High low syndrome
High low syndrome is an imbalance that leads to underperformance problems and lameness in dressage and jumping horses. It is characterized by uneven gait and poor performance when traveling to the upright hoof side.  We provide shoes that help rebalance the horse and encourage development of a more balanced horse.

Limb correction
For horses born with deviated limbs, we provide shoes help balance and correct the limb. The optimum time for limb correction is under 4 months of age. Foals with limb deviations are evaluated by the hospital’s orthopedic veterinarians so that a shoeing or surgery plan can be developed. 

Hoof injuries
Puncture wounds and lacerations to the hoof can be treated in a variety of methods to ensure proper injury recovery. If a nail is ever puncturing the bottom of the horse’s hoof, leave it in place if possible so that an accurate radiograph can be taken to assess damage.