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Reproductive Medicine: Medical Conditions

Breeding management
We can help plan the breeding of your bitch well in advance. Typically, we start seeing bitches soon after owners notice the first signs of estrus or heat. By examining her three times a week and measuring her blood progesterone concentrations, we can determine the ideal time for insemination to maximize fertility and litter size. We can assist in management of natural breeding, artificial insemination with fresh, cooled-shipped, or frozen semen. We can provide an accurate expected whelping date and monitor the health of the bitch and the fetuses during pregnancy. Similarly, we can assist in collection of semen for local insemination, cooled-shipment elsewhere or cryopreservation for later use.

We also offer investigation of infertility of male and female animals, including investigation of anatomical and functional abnormalities, semen analysis, screening for infectious diseases, endometrial or testicular biopsy and appropriate treatment. We offer full breeding soundness exam and partner with medical geneticists.

In appropriate cases, we offer medical treatment of pyometra and manage the subsequent breeding of affected animals. We also assist with management of benign prostatic hyperplasia of breeding dogs to maintain fertility.

Obstetrical complications
If you are unfortunate enough to experience complications during whelping or queening, we provide assistance with medical and surgical management of obstetrical cases.