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  • We accept appointments and consultations from veterinarians and owners.
  • If you believe your pet needs nutrition services, you can contact your primary veterinarian or specialist at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals or you can call 607-253-3060 and ask to speak with a nutritionist.
  • Companion Animal Nutrition Consultation Form

What to Expect From Nutrition Services

If your pet is a patient at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, your primary veterinarian may request a consultation with Nutrition Services. If your animal is not a Cornell patient, your primary veterinarian may make a referral to our service. Once we review your animal's medical records, a clinician or technician from our service will call to ask about your animal's nutrition history and any current diet issues.

We will work with you to formulate a diet for your animal that is complete and balanced, and addresses any health conditions or chronic diseases. We may recommend a commercial dog food, supplements or provide recipes for a home prepared diet.