Cornell University Hospital for Animals


For Clients

For Your Pet's Dermatology Appointment

Please follow these instructions exactly, or we may not be able to do all that is required on the day of the appointment.

  1. Do not bathe your pet for 7 days before the scheduled appointment.
  2. Give NO food or snack of any kind to your pet the day of the examination. Your pet may have as much water as he/ she wants.
  3. Bring the completed history form, along with as much additional information about your pet's condition as possible. A referral letter from your veterinarian or a copy of your pet's medical record is very helpful. Also, New York State Law requires a valid rabies certificate to be presented upon arrival to our hospital. Failure to do so may result in your pet not being evaluated.
  4. Write down and bring with you the names of all medications (pills, capsules, shots, shampoos, ointments, drops) your pet uses now or has used within the last 30 days. For oral medications (pills or liquids taken by mouth), please write down:
    1. the size (number of milligrams) of the pill/capsule,
    2. the number of pills or amount of liquid being given at each dosage, and
    3. how many times each day the medicine was/is given.

Skin testing usually is not done during the first appointment, especially if the appointment is in the afternoon. Occasionally, an exception can be made and the testing will be performed on the day of the initial examination provided that time and space allow and if all the following requirements for allergy testing are met:

  1. The skin on either the right or left side of the chest must be fairly normal. If you have any question about whether there is enough normal skin for testing, please have your local veterinarian examine your pet within one week of the Cornell appointment.
  2. If your pet has previously been seen by Cornell's Dermatology Service, bathing with a grooming or antiseptic shampoo is allowed up until the date of testing.
  3. If your pet has not been seen by Cornell's Dermatology Service, do not bathe your pet 7 days before the scheduled appointment.
  4. Oral antibiotics or anti-yeast medications may be given until the night before the testing.
  5. Certain medicines must be taken away from your pet in order to obtain an accurate allergy test. Withdraw the following drugs according to the schedule below. If you have questions, please check with your veterinarian and/or with us:
Steroids: (Prednisone, Cortisone) [ ] No oral medications for 3 weeks prior to the test
[ ] No topical steroids for 3 weeks, such as ear medications, eye medications, sprays, shampoos, etc.
[ ] No steroid injections for 6 weeks
Nonsteroidals:[ ] No Zubrin® , antihistamines, tricyclic antidepressants, pentoxifylline for 2 weeks
Cyclosporin:[ ] No Atopica®, Neoral® or generics for 4 weeks
Fatty acids: [ ] No fatty acid supplements for 14 days
[ ] No EUKANUBA® Pet Foods for 14 days