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May: Free Eye Exams for Service Dogs

The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) hosts its 7th public service event providing free eye exams for service animals in May 2014.

Cornell's Ophthalmology Service along with over 250 ACVO board certified veterinary ophthalmologists across America, Canada and Puerto Rico are donating their services this month to provide complimentary screening eye examinations to active Service Animals. The Service Animal’s owner/agent will incur no cost for these services. It is anticipated that through these efforts service animal health can be improved and potential disease averted for thousands of working dogs.

Guide dogs, handicapped assistance animals, detection dogs, therapy animals, and search and rescue dogs selflessly serve the public. To honor these animals and their work we are proud serve these animals who dedicate their lives to serving the public.

Please 'like' the ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam Event on Facebook page and check in for updates and announcements.




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