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Behind the Scenes at Westminster

CVM Alum Dr. Andrea Tu class of 2010 takes us behind the scenes and to the benching area at 138th Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. More

UPDATE: Holiday Miracle Sabrina!

Sabrina, a 2 month old alpaca cria, defied all odds and made it home Christmas day. More

Happy Holidays from Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine!

We hope you enjoy this holiday video made by CVM wishing you all happy holidays! More

Holiday gift ideas for your favorite vet or vet student!

Dr. Donald Smith offers suggestions for two books that are sure to captivate veterinarians, practicing and aspiring. More

Dr. William Miller Co-Authors Top Textbook on Small Animal Dermatology

When students of Cornell dermatologist Dr. William Miller say he wrote the book on small animal dermatology, they aren’t exaggerating. More

Dr. Thomas Kern Lends Expert Eyes to Editing a Leading Textbook

Casting an eye over the biggest textbook in veterinary ophthalmology grows more daunting with each edition. Seeing the book’s contents swell since its first edition in 1980, Cornell veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Thomas Kern has stepped in as a co-editor of its latest edition to help manage its growing wealth of knowledge. More