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Hogan Bequest
Cornell Feline Health Center
February 25, 2008

The estate of Rhoda A. Hogan of Durham, New Hampshire has gifted $100,000 to the Cornell University Feline Health Center to help educate cat owners and veterinarians about the issues surrounding declawing cats.

Although a common procedure carried out in most veterinary clinics, feline declawing has remained a controversial and sensitive topic. With this gift, the center will be able to offer veterinarians and cat owners a variety of educational materials in the form of online videos and client brochures that veterinarians can share with cat owners that are contemplating having their cat declawed. The materials will be focused on helping cat owners understand the ethical and welfare consequences of surgical declawing and will provide cat owners with instructional videos on feline behavior training, aimed at reducing destructive scratching, one of the leading reasons cats are declawed. The materials will also provide veterinary training on proper pain management, when declawing has to be performed as a last resort.

"Ms. Hogan's bequest will allow the Cornell Partners in Animal Health Program and the Feline Health Center to work together to create a set of first-class videos that will explore all the avenues available to avoid declawing, and the many ways behavior problems can be addressed," said Dr. Fred Scott, interim director of the Cornell Feline Health Center.

The Cornell Partners in Animal Health Program specializes in creating innovative educational videos and other materials that are delivered online to pet owners and veterinarians worldwide. "I am very excited to be working with the Feline Health Center on this project. I am confident that together we can reach millions of cat owners with this important information, improving the well-being of so many cats around the world" said Dr. Jodi Korich, Director of Partners in Animal Health.

Hogan's generosity over the years has also provided for the Cocheco Valley Humane Society, the New Hampshire SPCA, the Northeast Animal Shelter and Alley Cat Allies.

A part of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, the Feline Health Center has been a leading veterinary medical specialty center dedicated to improving the health and well-being of cats everywhere since 1974. The center provides various feline related resources to the public and veterinary practitioners, many of which can be found online at The Feline Health Center and Partners in Animal Health also offer a collection of free instructional videos on routine cat care topics and disease-related videos, which can be viewed at

Dr. Fred Scott
Director, Cornell Feline Health Center

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