Cat Health News

Baker Institute News Item Canine Influenza - Can It Affect Your Cat?
June 05, 2017

The H3N2 canine influenza virus that caused an outbreak in the Midwest in 2015 affecting thousands of dogs was recently found in Florida for the first time last week. The virus has occasionally been found to affect cats in the United States.

Baker Institute News Item Easter Peril: Look Out for Lilies and Other Items
March 22, 2017

With Easter around the corner, we'd like to remind cat owners that several traditions surrounding the holiday pose serious dangers for cats.

Baker Institute News Item Influenza Outbreak Among Shelter Cats in Manhattan
December 21, 2016

The New York City Health Department has issued an advisory about the recent detection of avian influenza A H7N2 in cats being housed at a shelter in Manhattan.

Baker Institute News Item Cat Scratch Disease - Are you at risk?
September 28, 2016

While the likelihood of contracting Cat Scratch Disease is low, and while it is usually readily treated, there are rare cases in which more significant health effects may occur.

Baker Institute News Item Etiology of Cranial Cruciate Rupture in Cats
September 26, 2016

Authors of a recent study propose that CCL rupture in cats is more likely a result of physiologic response of the CCL to normal physiologic forces than of preexisting degenerative changes to the CCL.

Baker Institute News Item FIV Associated with Myocarditis
September 27, 2016

A recent study investigating the etiology of myocarditis in cats demonstrated evidence of FIV virus in histologic sections of hearts of cats with both myocarditis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Baker Institute News Item FIP treatment might soon be a reality
May 03, 2016

A recent study investigating the use of an antiviral drug to treat cats with FIP provides hope for the possibility of a viable treatment for this dreadful disease of cats.

Baker Institute News Item Feline morbillivirus identified in U.S.
June 07, 2016

Researchers have recently identified the first demonstration of morbillivirus infection in domestic cats outside of Asia.

Baker Institute News Item Fat cats: How do management approaches measure up?
May 28, 2015

About 30-40 percent of cats are carrying around too much weight, but what are the best treatment options?

Baker Institute News Item New rabies vaccine for cats
May 28, 2015

Baker Institute News Item Newly approved pain drug for cats
May 28, 2015

Abbott Animal Health announced in July that it has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Simbadol (buprenorphine), an injectable pain control medication for use in controlling post-operative pain in cats.