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ColinwithMr_Orange Colin R. Parrish, PhD
Director, Feline Health Center and Baker Institute

Dr. Parrish is a world-renowned virologist who has made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of a number of important animal viruses, including feline panleukopenia and the closely related canine parvovirus. A faculty member of the Baker Institute for Animal Heath since 1988, he is also the director of this esteemed institution. Dr. Parrish’s vision for the Cornell Feline Health Center as a leader in the fields of both basic and applied medical research in cats, and as the premier source of information for veterinary professionals and cat lovers worldwide is an extension of his dedication to excellence and service to the scientific community. The Parrish menagerie includes five cats and one dog.

Kornreich_sm Bruce G. Kornreich, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Associate Director, Feline Health Center

Dr. Kornreich is a board certified veterinary cardiologist who has broad experience in clinical cardiology, basic science, and veterinary education. He has practiced both private and academic clinical medicine, has undertaken basic scientific research in the fields of cardiology and neuroscience, and has been recognized as an outstanding teacher of students ranging from elementary school children to veterinary students. Dr. Kornreich received both his DVM and PhD from Cornell, and has been a dedicated member of the Cornell Community since 1988. The Kornreich household is home to a (very smart) cat named Einstein and two Staffordshire Terriers who, despite all indications, still think that they are in control.

Shared Staff
The Cornell Feline Health Center shares several staff members with our partner unit, the Baker Institute for Animal Health.

Education and Outreach Coordinator Merry Buckley, PhD, and friend

Merry R. Buckley, PhD
Education and Outreach Program Manager

To meet our mission to educate cat owners and veterinary professionals about feline health, Dr. Buckley helps guide our efforts to reach these audiences and connect them with the resources the Feline Health Center has to offer. As a communications specialist, she develops health and news content for our website, edits and designs health information brochures, and acts as managing editor for our annual reports.

Education and Outreach Assistant, Danielle Hartman, and a friend

Danielle Diaz Hartman
Communications and Outreach Program Coordinator

Ms. Hartman helps keep the Feline Health Center running smoothly in a number of ways. She answers the Center’s main phone line and directs callers to the resources they need, manages our Membership Program, manages all our printing projects, helps out with events like the annual Fred Scott Symposium, and acts as a backup for our calls to our Camuti Consultation Service. Ms. Hartman also represents the Center at various veterinary conferences and cat shows around the country.

Development Assistant, Jacki HInkle, and a friend

Jacki Hinkle
Development Assistant

The partnership of our donors is extremely important to us, and Ms. Hinkle helps ensure that all our donors are acknowledged for their gifts to the Center and that all gifts are processed appropriately. She also runs the Clinic Memorial Giving program and manages our Tributes page.

Administrative Manager, Mark Schmitz, and a friend

Mark Schmitz
Administrative Manager

The finances of the Feline Health Center are in the capable hands of Mr. Schmitz, who keeps things “up to scratch”. Mr. Schmitz is a recent addition to our staff coming to us from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell.

Marketing Coordinator, Starr Todd, MBA, and a friend

Starr Todd, MBA
Marketing Coordinator

As a marketing specialist, Ms. Todd helps communicate the mission of the Feline Health Center and engage cat owners and veterinary professionals through our website, social media, and in print publications. Ms. Todd also represents the Center at feline-related events around the country and coordinates our community outreach events.

Administrative Assistant, Sue Williams, and a friend

Sue Williams
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Williams fields calls to the Camuti Consultation Service, acting as a liaison between the client and our veterinarians, gathering information and documentation that helps the consultants answer specific health and medical questions regarding the clients’ pets. She also acts as a backup for the main phone line.