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Don Smith

SmithD Publications
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine
T1 002 VRT, Box 44
Ithaca, NY 14853

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

Our Veterinary Legacy: One Health. North American Veterinary Conference. Orlando, FL. 2011.

Moving Towards a One Health Future. North American Veterinary Conference. Orlando, FL. 2011.

Veterinary Education at Cornell University, 1990-2010 (and other presentations). University of Tokyo, Obihiro University and Nippon University. 2010.

What Gems from the History of Veterinary Medicine Cann We Use to Shape the Future Success of Our Profession? Keystone Veterinary Conference. Hershey, PA. 2010.

The Prominence of New York State in the Development of Contemporary Veterinary Medicine. New York Historical Association Annual Meeting. Ithaca, NY. 2010.

We are What they Did. Westchester-Rockland and Long Island Veterinary Medical Association meetings. May 2009.

Promoting Canine Research to Advance both Animal and Human Health. Metropolitan Dog Club Blue Book. Feb. 2009.

A Thanksgiving Blessing of the Animals (Homily). All Souls Unitarian Church, New York City. Nov. 2008.

Examining our Past to Prepare for our Future. New York State Veterinary Conference. Oct. 2008.

The Current Status of Veterinary Medicine: Reflections of a Dean. Cornell University. Jun. 2007.

The Historical and Contemporary Role of Veterinary Medicine in Public Health. American College of Clinical Pharmacology annual meeting, Phoenix, AZ. Oct. 2004.

Don't Forget the Horse Doctor: Ezra Cornell's Veterinary Dream 135 Years Later. Founder's Day Luncheon, Penfield, NY. Jan. 2004.

Cornell's Legacy of Women in Veterinary Medicine: The Best of the Story. Cornell University. Mar. 2003.

Expansion of Biomedical Research Program during Implementation of PBL Curriculum. AERA annual meeting. Apr. 1998 (best research paper, established investigator).

Public Perceptions of Animal Production. International Symposium on Animal Agriculture, Seoul, Korea. 1997.

Selected Publications

Smith, Donald F. 150th Anniversary of Veterinary Education and the Veterinary Profession in North America (1860-1970). J Vet Med Educ 39(4), p 317327, 2010.

Smith, Donald F. 150th Anniversary of Veterinary Education and the Veterinary Profession in North American (1930-1970). J Vet Educ, in press, 2011.

Edmondson, KE and Smith, DF. Research Basic to Medical Education: Concept Mapping to Facilitate Veterinary Students' Understanding of Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 1998 Jan;10(1):21-33.

McGuire MA, Dwyer DA, Bauman DE, Smith DF. Insulin-like growth factors in plasma and afferent mammary lymph of lactating cows deprived of feed or treated with bovine somatotropin. J Dairy Sci. 1998 Apr;81(4):950-7.

Fubini SL, Smith DF, Grohn YT, Levine SA, Deuel DM. Replacement of chloride deficit by use of 1.8% NaCl to correct experimentally induced hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis in sheep. Am J Vet Res. 1991 Nov; 52(11):1898-902.

Smith DF, Ducharme NG, Fubini SL, Donawick WJ, Erb HN. Clinical management and surgical repair of atresia coli in calves: 66 cases (1977-1988). J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1991 Nov 1199(9):1185-90.

Fubini SL, Gröhn YT, Smith DF. Right displacement of the abomasum and abomasal volvulus in dairy cows: 458 cases (1980-1987). J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1991 Feb 1;198(3):460-4.

Gröhn YT, Fubini SL, Smith DF. Use of a multiple logistic regression model to determine prognosis of dairy cows with right displacement of the abomasum or abomasal volvulus. Am J Vet Res. 1990 Dec;51(12):1895-9.

Smith DF, Lunn DP, Robinson GM, McGuirk SM, Nordheim EV, MacWilliams PS. Experimental model of hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis caused by diversion of abomasal outflow in sheep. Am J Vet Res. 1990 Nov;51(11):1715-22.

Simpson DF, Erb HN, Smith DF. Base excess as a prognostic and diagnostic indicator in cows with abomasal volvulus or right displacement of the abomasum. Am J Vet Res. 1985 Apr;46(4):796-7.

Habel RE, Smith DF. Volvulus of the bovine abomasum and omasum. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1981 Sep 1;179(5):447-55.

Selected Public Reports

Testify before NYS Senate Hearing, Oct. 2003.
Testify before NYS Assembly Roundtable, July 2001.
Testify before US House of Representatives Appropriations Subcommittee, Mar. 2001.

Selected Media Access (2006-2008)

Appeared on National News networks: CBS Evening News, ABC Nightly News, NBS Nightly News, CNN, NPR.
Newspaper citations: New York Times (multiple), USA Today, Boston Globe, Toronto Star.